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Milk holiday in Kanchanpur

The government of Nepal is trying to improve the lifestyle of public  through agriculture and recently it is found that the socioeconomic condition of people is  uplifted so early by rearing the livestock rather than agricultural other sector. Though the government is also providing subsidy, training loan and other require facilities to the farmer.It is useful to increase the craze of rearing the livestock within the farmer. But nowadays, the product of the livestock especially milk is not getting the market. The DDC, the governmental organization; used to brought the milk from the farmer but due to reduction in the demand of the milk, increase production due to sufficient lactating animal in this season, unable to brought the all production of the farmer in Dhangadi. So the farmer call a strike by pouring the milk in the east-west highway in Dhangadi.

It seems that government has lack the strategy to cope the problem. Due to the lack of  sustainable vision in the dairy sector of the country.Nepalese farmer are always in problem. There should be the diversification of the product. The capacities of the chilling vat should be increased to solve the problem. If the problem is not stated earlier then huge number of farmer would divert from this sector and all the government investment is as like investment of water in sand.



Aetiology Epidemiology Diagnosis Prevention and Control References
Classification of the causative agent
Pasteurella multocida. Order: Pasteurellales. Family: Pasteurellaceae
• The disease is caused by certain serotypes of Pasteurella multocida, a Gram-negative
coccobacillus residing mostly as a commensal in the upper respiratory tract of animals.
• The Asian serotype B:2 and the African serotype E:2 (Carter and Heddleston system),
corresponding to the newer 6:B and 6:E classification (Namioka-Carter system), are mainly
responsible for the disease
• Other serotypes, namely A:1, A:3, have been associated with a HS-like condition in cattle and
buffaloes in India with mainly pneumonia leading to death
• The letter denotes the capsular antigen and the number stands for the somatic antigen
Resistance to physical and chemical action
Temperature: P. multocida is susceptible to mild heat (55°C).
Disinfectants: P. multocida is susceptible to most hospital disinfectants.
Survival: During the monsoon rains in southeast Asia, it…

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नेपाल को बिकाश हेर्दा

नेपालमा धेरै राजनीतिक परिबतन भय तर नेपालको आर्थिक र बिकाशको पाटो हेर्ने हो भने ऊदो गतिमा गयको देखिन्छ।  पंचायत कालमा जे  जति बिकाश भयो त्यो बायक कै नया रोजगार  का  आबसर हरु  प्रजातन्त्र , लोकतन्त्र , गणतन्त्र जे  आय पनि खुल्न सकेन।  बरु त्यसको सट्टा मा झन् धमाधाम  ठुला ठुला उद्ध्यो हरु बन्द हुदै जानु देसको अबस्ताको नाङ्गो चित्र हैन र।  देसमा भयको जनकपुर चुरोट कारखाना, गैडाकोट कागज कारखाना , हेटौडा कपडा कारखाना बन्द हुँदै जानु ले  आम नेपाली को अबस्ताको प्रतिबिम्बित गर्दैन र